Online Home Study Course (HSC) Issues

Razvan -

The workbook and all the materials used during the seminar are available on the Online Home Study Course (HSC) even after the seminar is completed. 

Once you register and purchase a VIP Ticket, you will also gain access to the HSC Platform (Home Study Course):

If you have issues accessing the above link, please make sure you try with another browser as well (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome being two examples).

Should you encounter any difficulties logging in please make sure the username used is the email address you registered for the event. If you can not remember the password, please use the "Forgot My Password" button on the login page in order to reset it.  

Videos require the latest Adobe Flash Player version to be installed.

If you encounter issues that cannot be addressed by following the above instructions, please reach out to our Customer Satisfaction team by phone or by using the "Submit New Request" button on the upper right corner of this page. 

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