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PLAN IT - Get the right book to make you big money!

"Plan It" helps all aspiring authors on how to determine their Primary Objective, Target Population, and their Needs, Desires, and Problems.

  • What to write about for maximum impact, the biggest mistakes to avoid, the 8 Steps to Publishing Success. Analysis, and what to write about.


WRITE IT  - How to write a book in 40 hours!

  • How to write a book in 40 hours
  • Why My Pattern is so Powerful
  • The 6 Steps Write IT System
  • How to Use the Worksheet
  • Includes the Excel Template for Quick Writing

PUBLISH IT - Publish on your own without waiting on anyone!

  • Publishing Made Simple
  • How to Get a GREAT Title
  • What Makes an AWESOME Book Cover
  • Book Cover Template
  • Copyright Issue
  • How to Get Celebrity Endorsements

"Write It" and "Publish It" teach how to publish the most credible book possible and how to get endorsements. It will include technical discussions about copyright, ISBN, printing, binding, and the like.


FUND IT  - Get others to pay for all the costs!

  • Getting Others to Pay For Everything
  • How to Get Others to Fund Your Book
  • How to Raise over €24,000 from Sponsors
  • The Secret Document to Get the Money In FAST

 MOVE IT  - Use your book to catapult your income!

  • Campaigns to Explode Your Income and Sales
  • Becoming Famous
  • Using a Book to Attract Prospects
  • Double Your Sales with a Book
  • Gaining Visibility Easily
  • How to Benefit from the Book Before You Write a Single Word

"Fund it" teaches you various methods on how to get your book funded. It teaches you how to get sponsors to pay for this entire venture, and shows you various examples, kits, and scripts to use. "Move It" will teach you how to use your book to catapult your income.

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