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VIP Customers receive a free book cover design. Training on how to use this cover is provided at Bootcamp. 

Some useful details:

  • Use the book cover to get your book moving and attract your first sponsors, interviews and pre-orders for the book. These book covers do differ from the ones we create for our own authors and they are not print ready.
  • A link to our design templates will be provided to you. Once you decide which one suits your needs, fill out the necessary details and send it back to us so our Design Team can start working with your request. Please encode all information exactly as you would like it to appear on your cover. 
  • Your NAME, TITLE, and SUBTITLE will appear on the cover as you enter them. Take your time and make sure you are entering the exact information you want on the cover. Edits to the cover are not included.
  • If you wish to add your photograph on the cover, kindly paste the link of your self-photo on the field provided on the book cover form. To ensure quality, please make sure your picture has a 300 DPI resolution. The photo should only be a picture of yourself, a head or half body shot will do.
  • Please note that these book templates are non-customizable and will only be customized unless there is a misspelled word or wrong grammar on your Book Title or Subtitle.
  • Delivery is between 14 and 21 days after all approvals. 
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