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This is a three-day seminar based on Gerry Robert's Publish a Book and Grow Rich bestseller. Through this program we show entrepreneurs how to use a book as a marketing tool. We help you establish a platform that delivers you with credibility, authority and publicity, which boosts your sales, profits and your profile.

Before you move further, keep in mind that this program is only addressed to people who:

- Can make a decision
- Work fast
- Want to go big
- Interested in helping themselves by helping others
- Have an existing business and database
- Are positive thinkers
- Who are open to new ideas
- Want to double their income

Are the above requirements met? Great! 

What will this seminar teach you?

  • How to make more money and sell more of your products/services
  • How to find hundreds of prospects who want to buy what you sell
  • How to generate many other additional sources of income
  • How to get tons of FREE publicity in print, radio and TV
  • How to completely differentiate yourself from your competition

Check out the Events section of our website for our live events (and locations) calendar and register online




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