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Razvan -

Take any step you can afford in the direction of your dream! The Kick In The Butt Service (KIBS) is the ultimate Do It Yourself book publishing program. We’ve put together a great program for you to publish your own book without traditional publishers. YOU CAN DO THIS!

If you cannot afford our Instant Author Program (IAP) KIBS is the next best chance to stay close to Gerry Roberts and Black Card Books while getting step by step instructions on how to publish a book and be successful from a dedicated coach.  

KIBS is more than a perfect beginning. This Service comes with a host of features for you to plan the right book, write your book in 40 hours, self-publish your book, fund your book with sponsorship and ultimately move your book so you can grow your business and change lives.

Ready to take the next step? Check out our website and register:


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