What are the benefits of KIBS Premium?

Razvan -

The Kick In the Butt Service offers the following:

  • Book Cover Design - Choose a cover from one of the templates our designers created in time OR go for a customized book cover design based on your personal concept.
  • KIBS Base Membership - World class monthly expert interviews, book cover, unlimited sponsorship process templates, structure & a butt kicking accountability system
  • Personal Coach - Not only you have unlimited email coaching but you’ll be getting a monthly publishing consultation/coaching session with an expert dedicated to your project!
  • Professional LIVE Editor Session - LIVE one on one, once in 60 days.
  • Virtual Ghostwriter - Access to over 30,000 files of royalty free content that you can use for your book!
  • 27 Years of Swipe File Datavault - Access to Gerry's archives, interviews, sample documents, brochures, worksheets, sample advertisements. 
  • Media Kit & Adkit Templates  - Available in 6 color schemes in two formats, easily customisable.  
  • Monthly Coaching Calls - calls are scheduled a week in advance and questions regarding the book will be addressed. 
  • Access to Private Members Group
  • VIP Ticket to any Publish a Book and Grow Rich seminar  - registration done by contacting our Customer Satisfaction Team.
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